Salty reactions from other fans and the media

Nicholas van Whatsisface

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21 Dec 2007

Funny thing is, you do tend to need valid evidence to punish someone, or have I got that wrong?

Hahaha - yeah, that ‘evidence’ shit is such a pain in the arse, isn’t it!

I mean - really it’s our inalienable right as the G14 to decide someone is guilty of any old trumped up charge, because they’re entirely the wrong colour to own a football club, and that ought to be the end of it.

How dare those dirty Arabs make this about proof, or evidence - they’re missing the point!


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15 Jul 2008
In the cricket club at Burnley away
Tony’s at it again - going on about CAS this time and highlighting the likes of that racist prick Tebas moaning about CAS. Check out the comment from a poster called Tim Hogan praising Tony for his work in researching this case and then reels him in by asking him for links to articles prior to the decision showing any concerns (from Tebas or any other moaning prick we’ve heard from these past few days) about CAS hearing this casel. The best Tony could do was dig out an article of his own from 2014 not even relating to this case or City so Tim replies that’s not what I meant!


Thanks for your reply and the link to the CAS / Barcelona article from 2014.

I was really hoping you might be able to provide an article, from a third party publication, citing the industry’s ‘talking heads’ concerns regarding CAS adjudicating MCFC’s recent alleged FFP transgression(s), prior to CAS’ judgement earlier this week.

With regard to this case the only major concern I recall being debated was whether CAS would reduce the two year European ban handed down by UEFA to one.




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30 Aug 2008
I’m not bothered on one hand because they’re bottlers in the CL anyway, for all they’ve spent they’re yet to reach a final and they always bottle it. And they don’t now get an advantage in the league next season.

this made me smile, bottlers made me LOL didnt they do that twice when points up to win the league


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22 Apr 2006
It’s a pisser all this , proof of guilt stuff , if we say your guilty you’re guilty #Uefa


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8 Jul 2007
Team supported
City of course
It’s time we started nailing these slandering pieces of shit to wall.
Nail them to the wall one by one and I guarantee we’ll run out people before we run out of nails.
Remember money shouts wealth whispers
It takes too much time and effort and gives oxygen to the t***s much better to seek revenge by other means

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