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  1. ColinBellsjockstrap


    23 Dec 2009
    Manchester City are not our main rivals - Paul Scholes

    Manchester United's veteran midfielder Paul Scholes believes that FA Cup semi-final opponents Manchester City are not his club's main rivals.

    The two teams meet on Saturday at Wembley with United aiming to win the Premier League, the FA Cup and the Champions League this season.

    City, on the other hand, have only the FA Cup to play for.

    "When they are fourth or fifth [in the league], I don't think they can be classed as a main rival," said Scholes.

    "Our main rivals are obviously Arsenal and Chelsea. I think City are just a rival because of where they are [geographically] and Liverpool the same."

    City will have to beat United without injured skipper Carlos Tevez as they attempt to win their first major trophy since the 1976 League Cup but Sir Alex Ferguson's team go into this encounter missing the suspended Wayne Rooney.

    City will also hope to overturn a wretched run against their arch rivals - they have won only twice in the last 10 meetings.

    One of those defeats was in the Premier League last season where Scholes' injury-time header at Eastlands gifted United a crushing 1-0 victory.

    The 36-year-old midfielder, who has still to decide whether he will retire at the end of this season, said that goal was "one of the best things I have ever done".

    And he is under no illusions as to the significance of Saturday's tie.

    "It's an FA Cup semi-final at Wembley, it's massive, there will be 30,000 fans from each side... it's the biggest game we've had against City for a while. Whoever loses will be devastated," added Scholes.

    "I remember the 5-1 defeat in 1989 and Andy Hinchcliffe scoring that goal. It's painful. I can also remember going to Maine Road and losing 3-1 [in 2002] and it's horrible. You hate losing against anybody, but City? It's bad."

    Scholes has long been lauded as England's greatest midfielder by many of the world's best players but he added that he would wait until the end of the season before making a decision about his future.

    "I really don't know what I am going to do yet," he said. "I've got these games to think about now and I will decide from there.

    "People always say you should play as long as you can but there comes a time when you can't physically do it. I'm wary of that. I just want to make sure it is done at the right time
  2. we will see if the ginger fucking cunt will be saying that while he is watching us lift the PL trophy next year.

    god i fucking hate united.
  3. exiledblue1


    28 Mar 2011
    Already posted a reply on this...but worth repeating!!

    Not main rivals my arse!!...if that's the case then old bacon face will be fielding an under strength team....NOT!!

    It also said in the article that he was a lifelong shite!!....he has stated before that he was an Oldham fan and coming from the Middleton area I know for a fact that this is the case....surely he can't be a band waggon jumping rag!!...they just don't exsist!!
  4. Dave Ewing's Back 'eader

    Dave Ewing's Back 'eader

    9 Mar 2007
    Upwind of the Mangrove Swamp
    Crushing 1-0 defeat when the Ginger Pig scored? He might score goals with his head but it's his arse that he uses for his thinking.

    Whoever loses on Saturday will be devastated? Utter bollox, Scholes. We lose and I will be back on terra firma with a well-adjusted mien by the time I'm back to the coach. It's the Rag hordes of shite who'll be devastated main their way back to Tooting & Mitcham, Willesden Green and any stop on the Rag Underground.
  5. bluelol


    28 Jul 2010
    100% Manc Right here right now

    Nice one and totally agree, he conciders us as not main rivals but decides to make a statement for the first time I think ever, yeh yeh.
  6. lostmyhouseski


    18 Jan 2009
    East Stand 308
    yeah they arent really bothered by us you can see from the non reaction they have when they beat us. f^cking scum- lets 'ave em!
  7. pml79


    19 Oct 2010
    At home,work and block 118southstand
    shut your mouth copper bollocks your talkin shit go n play with that boot lickin rat face prick
  8. crizack


    8 Sep 2008
    pat butchers mini bar
    i dont think we are their main rivals, when we're playing them in the champions league then maybe.

    it's obvious he's saying it trying to play mind games and belittle us but to be honest, playing the way we did against liverpool, how can we consider ourselves main rivals against the clubs who already have winning mentallity?

    People say coming 4th is a priority over the fa cup. true, if we didnt have so much money, but we need to win something to shut them up and start of knowing we can win.

    i'd rather us win the fa cup than get 4th and get knocked out the champions league. As time progresses, i can see the structure of the team bonding together but with so many foreign players, it makes you think are they really arsed if they put 110% in week after week when their getting payed shitloads of money anyway, some can call them proffesionals, but the amount of times we've slipped up (last game last season, uefa cup and now the 4th spot) i suspect a few players give up and look forward to going shopping rather than the next game.
  9. Mike C

    Mike C

    18 Apr 2010
    We're they're main rivals because, historically, we always have been. The respective qualities of the two teams don't matter; we were still United's main rivals when we were in the third tier.

    History didn't start with the invention of the Champions League...
  10. Bluestones


    3 Feb 2007
    Nasty little ginger turd.

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