Season Ticket Available 2019/2020 South Stand Lvl 3

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    1 Apr 2014
    I have my Season Ticket available for next season 2019/2020.

    South Stand Level 3.

    The ticket has been paid for upfront. No direct debit unfortunately.

    The cost being £465.

    Seat details:


    Entrance - M1

    Block - 315

    Row LL


    South Stand Level 3

    This is on the CL cup scheme that can be paid for as and when. Alternatively if you don’t wish to use the CL cup scheme I can arrange for such tickets to be sold separately using e-tickets.

    Ticket will be sent once it has arrived. The ticket was sold to a gentleman last year who will more than happily vouch for me. I can get vouches for previous sales if need be on both here and the Facebook groups should you wish to add me and do it that way as the ticket is also listed there. I am based in Heaton Mersey in Stockport.

    Payment can be made in person for peace of mind at my home address and I’ll be more than happy to assist with anything further required.

    Pop me a message if you’re interested
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