Seasoncard Renewal - Yes or No?

If you have an existing season card or cards will you renew

  • Definitely

    Votes: 136 29.6%
  • Maybe

    Votes: 127 27.7%
  • No chance

    Votes: 181 39.4%
  • Now that the ESL has been aborted I want to change from no chance to definitely, yes

    Votes: 15 3.3%

  • Total voters
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Well-Known Member
27 Oct 2012
Most of if not all the top sides so far have frozen their season ticket prices. Surely city will do the same?. Chelsea being the latest example

id be amazed if they didn’t

A57 the snake

Well-Known Member
5 Aug 2020
Team supported
Each to their own probably but... I’ll be back can’t wait. For myself it’s not just the match it’s catching up with the lads and seeing the people who sit near me who I’ve gotten to know after all these years it’ll be nice to catch up with them as well hopefully there’ll all be back as well.

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