Selling 2 seasoncards block 109,face value for final 4 games of season inc. Liverpool (1 is over 65)

Discussion in 'Ticket and travel exchange' started by aussie blake, 23 Feb 2020.

  1. aussie blake

    aussie blake

    24 Nov 2009
    We'll be away from the UK so selling our 2 seasoncards in block 109 for face value for the final 4 games of the season - Liverpool, Newcastle, Bournemouth and Norwich.

    One is an over 65 but I've honestly never seen them check at the entrance.

    240 pounds total (which is face value in terms of dividing the total cost of the seasoncards by 19, then times by the four games).

    Pickup from my mate in Manchester who'll have them. Payment with bank transfer.

    I'm terrible at checking private messages here so first person to message me on Whatsapp can have them, +61438574619.
  2. £15 a ticket brilliant valve u blue, I'm sure someone will have these considering LiVARpool is sold out & tickets we £60 alone.

    Good luck.

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