Sergio Agüero - City's All Time Top Goalscorer | All Time Non-English PL Top Goalscorer


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22 May 2004
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Even if Messi comes ,Pep will play more and more with Jesus... Remember that
Jesus will learn a lot of Messi of it happens.

He could become just as big with his influence. He's already loved in Brazil. A year or two with Lionel and I reckon he could be a worldwide star.

If this is Sergio's last season I can see Jesus getting more game time to get players to adapt to the changes ready for next season.

Super sub Sergio in his last season.
23 Jan 2017
Need to score 8 times this I think it's his last one in City
I think I heard somewhere that Sergio was planning to sign a one year extension to his current contract which has one year left. If Messi signs for us, you can almost guarantee Sergio will want to stay longer especially if there are some goalscoring records in sight.


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9 Dec 2005
Khaldoon Al Mubarak has confirmed that Sergio Aguero will be allowed to choose when he leaves #ManCity in recognition of the service he has given to the club. [
Khaldoon: "He [Kompany] left when he felt it was right, the same with David. Sergio's going to be the same - we'll work it out together, it'll be very natural, this year or the year after. It will play out in a comfortable way whatever Sergio decides.

I seriously doubt he will - "ten year contract please boss".


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14 Jun 2010
SebastianBlue: mccity is very, very often on point
The important thing with Aguero is that he stays injury free.

It's an almost trivial point but it's big. Regardless of how he's used this upcoming season, whether that be full on first choice, mostly first choice, shares the minutes with Jesus, or the rotation option, if he's fit then everything with him will be rosy. For us and him.

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