Sergio Agüero - City's All Time Top Goalscorer | All Time Non-English PL Top Goalscorer


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3 Jul 2009
I remember a Scotsman scoring a back-heeled goal in the penultimate league match of the 1973/74 season.
Can't remember his name, though.
His name was last to me as well, from the moment he decided not to celebrate. Had a couple of near death experiences as a 14 year old that day


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25 Jul 2015
I finally had some free time to finish up last seasons database and make some projections off of that. There's obviously so many variables for each individual player so the deviations will vary based off of injuries and somewhat from form. However, the totals should pretty much remain the same. After this years projections we're looking at just over 104 total prem goals so I'm happy with what the numbers pumped out

Season totals. ~2400 minutes, 23 goals + 5 assists.
Prem totals. ~1800 minutes, 17 goals + 3 assists.

Under Pep, Kun's average season looks like 2975, 30 goals + 7 assists. Fingers crossed he stays fit because he scores a goal every 100 minutes whereas Gabby takes 130. Personally, I think he'll eclipse the minutes and goals but that's a fair shout.

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