Sergio Agüero - City's All Time Top Goalscorer | All Time Non-English PL Top Goalscorer

Gingers Dad

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8 Mar 2011
In no order:

Liverpool (H) 18/19
Arsenal carabao final 17/18 (with that little nudge on Mustafi & then the dink - brilliant)
The first vs Chelsea (h) 18/19
The first vs United (h) 13/14
And his second on his debut v Swansea 11/12!
I wonder if VAR would rule out the one against Arsenal?


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13 Sep 2005
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40 goals in the Champions League for Sergio.

1. Ronaldo 130
2. Messi 116
3. Raul 71
4. Lewandowski 68
5. Benzema 65
6. Van Nistelrooy 56
7. Henry 50
=8. Ibrahimovic 48
=8. Shevchenko 48
=10. Muller 46
=10. Inzaghi 46
12. Drogba 44
13. Del Piero 42
14. Aguero 40

Top 5 are out of reach but I think 7th maybe 6th is possible if he stays a couple more seasons and we go deep into the competition.
He’s actually got 43 in the CL. They ignored his hat trick v Steau Bucharest as it was in the qualifier. Still the CL ffs.

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