Serial Killing Swan


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30 Oct 2008
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CRAZED swan Hannibal has KILLED 15 of his fellow birds in murders most fowl.
The savage beast takes on any rival who dares invade his territory on a sleepy village pond.

Caters He BEATS them with his beak, BATTERS them with his wings before holding their heads underwater until they DROWN.

And in a macabre display, Hannibal then escorts his wife and baby to view the bodies of his victims.

Wildlife worker Maria Evans has picked up 15 dead swans in the past few months, with many others injured.

She said: "He's an absolutely horrible swan. I've never come across such an aggressive bird. People don't like him."

Horrified residents near the Pembroke Castle Pond often see Hannibal in action. One said: "After he kills, he looks so proud of what he has done."

Experts believe his behaviour could be caused by pollution. They are to take him out of the pond for tests.

I for one blame the parents


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24 Feb 2010
That's my hometown! :)

Finally we have a celebrity haha

apparently he has been drowning other swans by holding them underwater. He's one mad bastard!

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