Sex, Death and The Meaning of Life

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by KentBlue, 24 Oct 2012.

  1. KentBlue


    16 May 2009
    Near that bloke who lives near me.
    Anyone else been watching this excellent programme? Richard Dawkins having his DNA up on screen for all the world to see?
    And the Indian cremations, all those corpses going up in smoke and then being dumped in the Ganges.

    Have to take your hat off to the man, regardless of your views on religion (and I'm a fervent atheist) Richard Dawkins really is an eloquent and genial human being. He's always happy to learn and to educate himself in the ways of other cultures, and for that alone he should be applauded.

    Be warned, this man is highly addicitive.

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