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    16 May 2015
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    I believe full back position to be our nemesis under Pep. I know it has been fundamental to his teams set-up but I think Pep needs to consider whether it is time to change this and go with 3 CB’s. Pep is a winner, 2nd best will not be good enough for him.

    Out of our left and right fullbacks only Walker do I feel comfortable with delivering what Pep wants. On that basis I would consider going with 3 CB’s when all fit, Stones R/CB; Laporte CB and Otamendi L/CB. Bring Fernandinho into DM alongside Gundogan or Rodri in a 2 man pivot. De Bruyne @ CM flanked each side by 2 from these 4 players, Silva, Bernardo, Foden, Mahrez. Up front 2 from 3 of Sterling, Aguero and Jesus. This would give the team a chance to evolve with new formation ready for next season and we can make new signings based on this. We can keep 1 fullback for left and right sides for tactical changes against certain teams. Get rid of the deadwood fullbacks we don’t need and saves a fortune trying to buy decent fullbacks.

    Season 20/21 could look like this with a 3-2-3-2 formation.


    Marquinhos (£55m) Laporte. Romagnoli (£50m)

    Rodri. Gundogan

    Bernardo. De Bruyne. Foden

    Sterling. Lautaro Martinez (£110m)

    squad players: new GK, Walker, Zinchenko, Stones, Garcia, Harwood-Bellis, Doyle, Aguero, Jesus, Mahrez

    This makes us solid through the middle. I chose Romagnoli for his experience and a left footed CB. With player sales assuming Sane leaves we will have plenty in the kitty for a winter buy as well. Bonus is we have room for 3 more foreign slots to fill squad. Gundogan and De Bruyne the senior players age wise.

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