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Discussion in 'General football forum' started by karen7, 11 Sep 2017.

  1. worsleyweb


    29 Sep 2009
    Anyway supporting West Ham for zab and joe and hoping Leslie can send two teams down in one season.
  2. M18CTID


    15 Jul 2008
    In the cricket club at Burnley away
    While some of the players remain from the 2011-12 title winning season, it’s not really the same team is it? We’ve gone through different incarnations under Mancini, Pellegrini, and now Guardiola. Neville is clearly referring to City under Pep and he’s right that we have to win the league more than once under him to be considered a great team. The Invincibles were the culmination of 3 seasons under Wenger where Arsenal won it in 2002, should’ve won it in 2003, and won it again by going unbeaten in 2004. Neville pretty much admitted that while it’s too soon to class us as one of the great teams, it will otherwise go down as one of the greatest Premier league seasons, and for good measure couldn’t help but wank himself off over our football, calling it “purer” than anything that has ever been played in England. I’m not sure what people are complaining about to be honest!
  3. inchy14


    8 Jul 2009
    stunned, dazed and still can't quite believe it!!
    I’m complaining because there’s always the caveat of what if? They should do this or that. It pisses me off. When we’ve over a hundred points, a hundred goals, most wins in a season etc how can you not call the team great? It’s a joke that when we win it again next season it’ll be they still need to win the CL.
    This side is the best thing the Prem has ever seen. Don’t give a fuck what bitter Neville says.


    3 Aug 2008
    I thought Neville's comments about Sterling were very constructive / complimentary.
    Comparing him potentially as Henry / Ronaldo.
  5. BigOscar


    13 Jun 2013
    Yup, that was about as negative as you could be for a title review without it making it look absurd. They showed more about us apparently being dodgy at the start than they did about us being brilliant, then tried to brush it all under the carpet with the "they're not a great team", "next year if United win the league they've won" bollocks. Not to mention the obligatory mentioning of how much money we spent on defenders in the summer (with Laporte thrown in randomly and no mention of Mendy being hurt all year).

    The man is a **** and always will be
  6. David 'El Mago' Silva

    David 'El Mago' Silva

    23 Jan 2017
    Not a fan of his I take it?
  7. jimmygrimblesboots


    17 Aug 2014
    parallel universe
    Ratboy is clutching at straws , look at the performance of the Rags against bottom of the table West Brom and compare that to our performance at a Spurs team on a 14 match unbeaten run , the Rags are light years away from our level , and if Ratboy thinks Pep will rest on his laurels then he us in for a shock , Pep is obsessive about this squad of players and we will be even stronger next year. One transfer window will not fix that Rag team , the only threat next year is the Dippers who are good on their day but nowhere near consistent enough to win the title.
  8. Silvatoure21


    15 Mar 2017
    When looking at that Arsenal team as great and saying that we are not a great team is laughable in my opinion. They only won 26 and had 12 draws. 12!!! If we win out it’s 33 wins 3 draws and 2 losses, pretty amazing really. They didn’t win in Europe or the FA cup either, but hey, they are one of the all time greats and we are chopped liver. I get tired of the bullshit. We are a freaking great team and the only way to shut these people up is to win it again, and even then they will still use the buying the league or fall back on a lack of history.
  9. ChicagoBlue


    10 Jan 2009
    I’m not sure why people obsess over what others think. You will never convince most people of the simple facts which are self evident, because their “self” it can NEVER be true. While some of us wear blue tinted specs every now and then, the rest of the world sees money spent, lost a few games, Wigan knocked us out of the FA Cup, we lost the Liverpool three times, etc, etc, etc... You can’t change those opinions, and why do you care when the results and statistics speak for themselves.

    Let’s revisit the records broken at year end and THEN see where we stand in the record books. You can wear whatever colored specs you want on the terraces, or forums, but the ACTUAL RECORD BOOKS are objective, and they don’t lie.

    We have a chance to rewrite 8 or 10 records this season, so I hope the players don’t take their foot off the pedal, and continue to make the world sit up and take notice. After all, it will be THEIR record breaking season, not ours! The run in is kind and we should beat points and goals and wins, which, when added together, wouldn’t strongly suggest “best Premier League team ever!” to even the most jaded fan. The Rags, of course, will always have their Treble season, but their PL season was absolutely nowhere near what we have done this season. Accordingly, we need to make certain we don’t throw the net too widely, and we should concentrate on stating “Best Premier League team ever,” not simply “best team ever!” as that will always be subjective.
  10. Franny 1234

    Franny 1234

    25 Mar 2017
    We have to win at anfield to be great in my opinion.
    I hate them scouser more than RAGS.
    I am convinced we will win there next season and retain the league.and progress in the champions league.

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