So what city related presents are you expecting

eshiers1 said:
i got the new home shirt with robinho on the back :D

now i realise why my dad persauded me not to buy it myself at the last home game!!!!

Wear with pride Elliot - just stay away!!!!!
BoundedCascade said:
I am proud to report I got my first ever City shirt. Living in Canada means I cant exactly find one so my mum ordered it from the online shop and I am ecstatic to have it, wearing it as I type.

for those who wanna know whos kit, its Irelands.
Swap Canada for Aust and I got the same thing.
I got the away shirt, long-sleeved. Along with a Casual wear Brazil shirt with Robinho 10 on the back. :)

Sort of City related, the Ricky Hatton bllopers DVD.
No City-related presents for possibly the first time ever!
I'd already got a non-City calendar, so that was ruled out, and I'm not a fan of any of this season's kits, whilst I'd already got Mike Summerbee's autobiography.
and,so the day came to an expected close and i waited for my mother to arrive to my surprise she give me the crem-de-la-crem of all gifts:


buzzin, look out for me tomorrow

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