So why suddenly do they talk about Aguero leaving?

Discussion in 'Bluemoon forum' started by lostgalaxy, 7 Feb 2017.

  1. lostgalaxy


    23 Dec 2009
    The Event Horizon
    I cant get it is it because City is suddenly scary with two good strikers to play with?

    We play so many games having two strikers to rotate is normal why all the fuss is it jealosy or fear? I'm fed up. We have in Aguero an advanced striker who looks to get behind the last defender and in Jesus a poacher who has a nose for goals they could alternate depending on the situations and could even play together when an all out attack is called for so why all the fuss.

    Its callded devisive intention they want to cause a split so beware of the media.
  2. Nelly's Left Foot

    Nelly's Left Foot

    3 Mar 2009
    We get plenty of criticism for only having Kun (Kelechi being considered irrelvant) and then as soon as we get another top striker we get the Aguero will leave story. Nothing new for a media that just doesn't like City and likes negative headlines. Pinch of salt time.
  3. badaz52


    12 Apr 2009
    The media stir up so much when it comes to us it winds me up. Truth of the matter is we have two world class strikers now in Aguero and Jesus & a future star in Ihenacho (just hope he stays around long enough). Dzeko was ok and scored a few goals as did Negredo but we had looked light since they were both sold and Aguero had to do it all. It isn't any wonder that his form dipped a little bit having to be the only person scoring the goals. A short rest will do him good while Jesus enjoys some fine early form but he will be back. City have no incentive to sell Aguero whatsoever they don't need the money and he is contracted till 2020.
  4. Deepest Blue

    Deepest Blue

    20 May 2010
    In the ghetto.
    I'm just surprised you're surprised.
    There's always a stick to beat us with and this is the latest.
    In the past we've had Balotelli's antics, Dzeko supersub, Hart, Tevez,Mancini, Sterling, Stones and countless more press tales of why we are in crisis.

    Usually when we are winning games.
  5. CrownPointBlue


    5 Feb 2014
    Kun to stick it to all these,vile,envious cnuts.
    Then Jesus.
    Then Kun & Jesus.
    Then Kun,Jesus & Leroy.
    Then add Razza & Yaya + Kev & Dave.
    Then Kun again & again & again.
    Fuck 'em all.
  6. BillyShears


    20 Aug 2004
    King Kunta
    Look at it another way. Say you're Kun, and PSG and Madrid ring up and say "you'll be our undisputed number 1." You then talk to Pep and Txiki who tell you "you're one of five strikers that we're counting on. we want you to stay here but we aren't going to guarantee you anything other than you'll play some games and not play others".

    What would you do?

    As much as we want Kun to stay and be part of the squad, the truth is that he walks into the best XI at PSG or at Madrid. If either of those clubs come calling, my best guess is he'll want to go. If he does then City will let him for the right price.

    Equally if Kun says he wants to stay then he be sold no matter what the offer. The ball's in his court, but the fact he sought out a journalist to deliver his "i've got three months to help the team then we'll see what the club wants to do with me" suggests to me that there's much more to the story than just the usual paper talk. After all, his answer Sunday was a BIG change in tone and attitude from when he was last asked about his future and he said words to the effect of "i'm not going anywhere i'm really happy here and after I finish my contract here I'm going back to Argentina".
  7. pee dubya

    pee dubya

    21 Sep 2005
    I think it's more of a drama thing, the media love turning football into a soap opera.
  8. prof-taf


    28 Jul 2014
    All a load of bollocks.
    We have 3 kids that can play anywhere across the front and our main man who plays central. So 4 players for 3 positions, hardly overload, and besides once he's sorted how he wants to play defensively after summer he may well have a front 2 of Jesus and Sergio.
    They should be writing about navas and nolitis future. Pricks, trying to destabilise.
  9. Ghandi's Flip Flops

    Ghandi's Flip Flops

    14 Aug 2009
    Also linked in the Aguero player performance thread

    'Had Aguero scored 113 Premier League goals in 168 games for Arsenal, Manchester United or Liverpool then he would leave these shores a legend. Had Aguero been English and scored 113 Premier League goals in 168 games then he would never leave these shores and instead spend his days gazing at a statue of himself erected outside Wembley. As an Argentine 113 Premier League goals in 168 games for Manchester City, he will leave as that bloke who wasn’t quite as good as Sami Hyypia.'
  10. tolmie's hairdoo

    tolmie's hairdoo

    20 Feb 2008
    I'm just a Cook
    It's an easy story to write, the new kid in town is scoring for fun and Sergio is quite rightly, having to bide his time on the bench.

    Personally, I think Sergio will be leaving us this summer, despite City's best efforts to say otherwise, derail the season at a critical juncture.

    Sergio has a complicated personal life and we have been very fortunate to have his best years at our club, a legend, who should be carried shoulder-high off the field and a statue immortalising "his" moment if he decides to move on.

    Football changes very quickly and next week he could be scoring a hat-trick or winning us a Champions League trophy.

    Whatever he decides, we should back his wishes and I'm sure his exit path would be done with good faith on both sides.

    He's a couple grades down on what his immense standards were, regardless of his incredible scoring record. Sergio had it in him to score 40 goals a season in this league.

    We should not look a gift horse in the mouth if Paris or Real do come calling. To achieve £70m plus for a player turning 29, next-year, in comparison to what we paid and what he has achieved since, is the perfect time and it won't come again.

    A chance to bring in someone much younger but with the talent to try and match Sergio's incredible feats.

    It would be Dybala or Griezmann for me.

    The latter, would be great for shits and giggles, should Atletico consider it an attractive deal giving them £40m plus Aguero to go back there.

    Make no mistake, United and Chelsea are planning their next move - they only have money - we also have unbelievable leverage with someone such as Kun.
  11. ell


    4 Sep 2008
    South Stand Level 3
    Hes one of the best strikers in the world, why do you think the media want him out the door?

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