#SOO Save Our Olé Season III.....Ole, The Trilogy.

Chris B

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8 Mar 2020
Team supported
Ole needs more support from the board, the players simply aren’t good enough. The first XI tonight had a veteran striker signed for just £20m and a guy who came through the youth team (Pogba). How could players like that ever compete against the best sides in Europe! If he gets another couple of years and some proper backing Ole will prove his worth.

blue b4 the moon

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25 Feb 2005
Threadbare squad due to uncle malc's spawn not spending enough money all they bought was that city player who didn't have the bottle to try and make it with us and that other 'new' player who ermm didn't have the bottle to try and get in our team.

In fact UMS has made it that hard for poor ole he's had to play the previously mentioned 'new' player in both games since he arrived and he's already getting a bit tired.

Just hope he's aware Jessie could double down at the weekend.


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