South American talent

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    15 May 2012

    I put a video up about this kid here on bluemoon about 2 or 3 weeks ago.
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    20 Dec 2010
    He is exciting.
  3. rdfporcazzo


    6 Apr 2017
    As a Brazilian I follow the Brazilian League closely and I can say the rising player here.

    That's how I rate the prospects considering Gabriel Jesus as 10/10 prospect:
    São Paulo state:


    > Yerry Mina (22 yo), centre back 10/10, first team of Colombia squad.
    > Miguel Borja (24 yo), striker 8/10, in Colombia he is ahead of Bacca and being Falcão's sub. His finish has a worldclass power.
    > Tchê Tchê (24 yo), midfielder 6/10, he is a box to box but can play everywhere even as a fullback. Very talented but is too skinny and weak.
    > Vitinho and Alanzinho. They are too young and I can't say precisely about them.

    São Paulo

    > Christian Cueva (25 yo), attacking midfielder 8/10, number 10 and the best player of Peru's NT. He tried to play in Spain once when he was younger and failed but he has improved now. His playstyle remembers Isco.
    > Rodrigo Caio (23 yo), centre back or defensive midfielder 7/10, he was de CB of Olympic squad of Brazil 2016. Valencia tried to sign him but he failed the medical exams.
    > João Schimidt (DM), Luiz Araújo (ST), and Lucas Fernandes (AM). I didn't say enough from them. They are young and look like good prospects.


    > Zeca (22 yo), left and right back 6/10. He is right footed but is playing as left back but can also play as right back. He took Emerson Palmieri (AS Roma) place when both played in Santos.
    > Thiago Maia (20 yo), central midfielder 7/10. He is being very good for Santos, good defensively and creating chances.
    > Lucas Lima (26 yo) and Vitor Bueno (22yo) both attacking midfielder 6/10. I think both are a bit overhyped in Brazil, Lucas Lima is called up for the NT some times.


    > Fagner (27 yo), right back 7/10. Tite call him up ahead of Mariano. I don't think Fagner is better than Mariano but he did the job well in the last Brazil match when Dani Alves wasn't able to play.

    Rio de Janeiro state:


    > Felipe Vizeu (20 yo), striker 6/10. He hasn't getting playing time for Flamengo but I like him so much. I think he can do well in a middle club in Europe and improve a lot.
    > Miguel Trauco (24 yo), left back 8/10. He is amazing attacking but bad defending. He was the best player in Peruvian League last year even playing as fullback. If he can't fix his defending skills along this season I would drop his rate to 7/10.
    > Vinicius Jr. and Lucas Paquetá. They are too young yet to say anything serious.


    There's a lot of young talents playing for this team. I would say the best are:
    > Richarlison (19 yo), striker 7/10.
    > Jefferson Orejuela (24 yo) and Junior Sornoza (23 yo). Both are midfielders from Ecuador. They are being so class for Fluminense I would say they are being 8/10.


    I can't really say there is a good prospect playing for them. Maybe Victor Luis (23 yo) who is a left back great defensively but not that great offensively.

    Vasco da Gama:

    The supporters like Douglas Luiz (midfielder,18 yo) and Thalles (striker, 21 yo). But I have never seen they playing.


    Minas Gerais state:

    Atlético Mineiro

    > Juan Cazares (25 yo), midfielder 7/10. He is very very talented but he is a problematic guy. I don't think he will do great in Europe with his behavior.
    > Rómulo Otero (midfielder, 24 yo) and Gabriel (centre back, 22 yo). I haven't seen enough from them but the Atlético's fans like them so much.


    > Giorgian De Arrascaeta (22 yo), attacking midfielder 7/10. He is often called up for Uruguay National Team. He is talented and I think he will succeed in Europe someday.


    Rio Grande do Sul state:


    > Luan (24 yo), forward 7/10. He plays more like a second striker, good pass and mobility. I think he got his peak and won't improve more. He could play in a middle club in Europe but I don't think he would fit well in a bigger club.


    > Valdívia (attacking midfielder, 22 yo), William (right back, 22 yo), and Brenner (striker, 23 yo). They are doing well for Internacional but I don't think they would do well in Europe but no one in Brazil would think that Casemiro would fit in a great European club then he turns into a monster like he is today.


    Those were the prospects of the 12 big clubs in Brazil. But the middle clubs have some good prospects as well, like Willian Pottker (striker, Ponte Preta), Juninho (centre back, Coritiba)...
  4. kun


    31 Oct 2009
    Yerry Mina was a player we we're linked to not that long ago IIRC, but it seems Barca have quite a stronghold on him, first refusal/option to buy type deal I think.
    Thiago Maia is a player I have heard a lot of good things about, and from what I've seen of him a 7/10 surprises me a little, considered by many to be one of the very brightest talents in Brazil.

    As for South American talents outside of Brazil, There are a few possible targets.

    Sebastián Driussi - 21, Forward, River Plate (Argentina)
    Agüero/Suárez/Alexis style forward, lots of pace and power with a low centre of gravity. He's a sharp finisher and can play anywhere across the front line with ease. Also, despite not being the biggest he is excellent in the air and scores his fair share of headers. He also has quite a lot of experience for his age having 55 league appearances already. He has 12 goals in 19 games in all competitions so far this season.
    Wikipedia link
    Transfermarkt link

    Ezequiel Barco - 18, Attacking Midfielder, Independiente (Argentina)
    Very raw young playmaker in the Argentine top flight. Great ball control and an excellent dribbler. Seems a little light and inexperienced, and has a tendency to hold on to the ball for too long. Probably not a candidate to come straight into the City squad but could well get a loan move to one of the top flight European leagues. He's managed 12 appearances so far this season.
    Wikipedia link
    Transfermarkt link

    Joaquín Ardaiz - 18, Striker, Danubio (Uruguay)
    A tall cultured striker who has been heavily linked to Chelsea in the recent press and has been linked to Liverpool, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Porto and City in the past. He has drawn comparisons with both Luis Suárez and Zlatan Ibrahimovic and has a £25m price-tag. There are questions over his attitude after being spotted fighting outside of a youth team game with Liverpool. He has a transfer agreed to move to another Uruguayan club, Tanque Sisley, but that shouldn't stand in the way of a big-money move to Europe. So far this season he has managed 3 goals and 2 assists.
    Wikipedia link
    Transfermarkt link

    Other players who we could take a Zuculini-esque punt on and/or farm out to our sisters in US/Aus/Uruguay:
    Rodin Quiñones - 21, Right-back/Winger/Forward, Atlético Nacional (Colombia), LINK - 5 caps for Colombia U20
    Jaime Carreño - 20, Central Midfielder/Winger, Universidad Católica (Chile), LINK - Uncapped but called up for the National side in 2015
    Pablo Galdames - 20, Defensive Midfielder, Unión Española (Chile), LINK - 2 caps for Chile
    Romel Quiñónez - 24, Goalkeeper, Bolívar (Bolivia), LINK - 14 caps for Bolivia
    Saúl Salcedo - 19, Centre-back, Olimpia (Paraguay), LINK - 5 caps for Paraguay U20
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    4 May 2013
    FFS Navas
    Watched a few videos of vinicius jr and he looks the real deal. He's only 16 too.
  6. MillionDollarDream


    27 Jun 2013
    Now this is a thread I will spend a lot of time in.

    1. Yerry Mina is most certainly going to Barca as they had some sort of deal that brought him to Palmeiras in the first place. He's also made mentions of wanting to join Barca.

    2. Following Gabriel Jesus, Vinicius Junior is the next talent with all the buzz. He already has a €30M release clause at 16 and has just moved up to play U20s where he is continuing to shine. All the big clubs are circling around him just like GJ. They are trying him at U20s to bring him along slowly regardless of all the pressure to see him in the first team. He also is in no rush but has an outside shot at making it into the first team already if he continues to outclass U20s. Won't be moving until he's 18 in 2018.

    3. It was rumored back in January that we were the unnamed club in for Zeca the LB at Santos who I'm actually currently watch play against Ponte Preta.
  7. rdfporcazzo


    6 Apr 2017
    Yes, he looks good. I watched only one full match from Vinicius Jr, it is too early to say what he is going to be yet.

    He is good but Santos aren't playing that good this season and he is one of them. Maybe last year he would deserve an 8/10. Remembering that I took Gabriel Jesus as 10/10 wanting to say the 10/10 is for players who would make an instant impact for any club.
  8. Kompany is King

    Kompany is King

    4 May 2012
    rdporcazzo thanks for contributions, others aswell. Keep them coming.

    Has the domestic league structure settled down, or should I say will it ever?

    I wonder how our link with the Uruguay club is received in South America? Is it welcomed or not?
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    Neville Kneville

    26 May 2008
    Interesting stuff, cheers folks.
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    12 Sep 2009
    Kid looks class

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