Southampton (A) - Post Match Thread


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10 Sep 2008
Great effort to get back in the game. Not quite as sharp as usual and Raheem, who has been excellent for several games, should have buried it.


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15 Aug 2012
Oh come on .
Dont leave it there .
Who had a poor attitude?
Peps tactics are shit ? Come on , elaborate!!!
And who should we sell , oh great one ?
And who should we buy ? Lukaku ? He’s a proper striker isn’t he ?
First half was a shambles with a lazy poor attitude by most of them.

we could easily of lost that with their breaks. Midfield was wide open. Desperate for Gundy or fern to stay central as Kev & Bernie both knackered and cover to much ground.

sell raz he’s not our future or improving.

any striker would do


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1 Sep 2016
Great Britain, Greater Manchester
Not getting the penalty I can just about accept.
Not getting the red card, I most certainly don't. And given the pressure we were putting on, at 10 against 11, that might well have made all the difference.
At that stage of the game them having 10 men might have restricted us even more as they’d have just camped even deeper making it harder to score.

We weren’t good enough to win tonight and both teams got what they deserved.

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