Southampton (A) - Post Match Thread

blue by birth

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15 Sep 2011
I thought we started slowly and seemed off the pace but by the 2nd half we were much better and unlucky not to win.
Hitting the woodwork a couple of times and the shot from kev that was just wide was unlucky.
Raz missed a sitter but I can't believe the amount of shit he gets on here...bloody hell he's never been the greatest finisher when he has time to think..but he's scored some very important goals too.
The ref was fucking awful as was the twat on Var..Kev was fouled outside and also inside the penalty area so it should have been a pen.
The stamp on Grealish and the foul on Eric would both have been reds if they were on their players.
Disappointed to have dropped points but bloody hell we had won the previous 12 games..we were going to drop points eventually.
I'm not knocking Raz but we looked better when Jesus came on..
It was a great finish from their player but I bet he couldn't do it again if he had 10 attempts..
Great support from our fans again..well done to them..


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17 Jan 2009
Agree with this.
A foul was committed.
Was it just inside the box for a pen?
Was it outside?
A very close call.
However, a foul was committed so we should have got a free kick at least, I believe.
VAR rules are pretty simple, it doesn't adjudicate on free kicks unless it leads to a goal, in which case a foul in the build up can result in the goal disallowed. On the Kev incident, I couldn't tell from numerous replays if it was inside or outside the box, so it wasn't a clear and obvious error resulting in a penalty, VAR got it right imo. The foul on Eric though was a clear red all day and every day


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28 Oct 2013
Getting frisked at N2
Wow, there are some really hard assessments on this thread of what we did yesterday. In the match I saw, after a really dozy start, from about the twenty-fifth minute, thirtieth at the latest, we clearly started to get on top of them. Second half, we battered them, even though they defended very determinedly, and were dangerous on the break. Do people think that we're the Harlem Globetrotters, and that we're going to showboat every match we play?

Grassland Blue

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25 Mar 2016
Team supported
All the grealish negative vibes will be looked back on with short sightedness next season. He will improve and in my opinion he’s learning every game under pep. It’s a different game to anything else that we play and all the new signings we make improve under pep. Cut the lad some slack
Gundogan also got a lot of sh1t from some of our 'supporters' not too long ago.
Look at him now...

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