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city warrior

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6 Apr 2021
I hate to compare managers but Pep does some funny things sometimes. It doesn’t have to be 60 minutes before you make a bloody sub. It was clear that creativity was lacking sore.We could play on with the starting XI for four hours and nothing would change but he persisted till his preferred 60 minute mark. Klopp wouldn’t wait for 60 minutes before making the right call, that I know. I have not said anybody is worse or better but some decisions are downright aweful.
Pep is a tactician, Klopp is more of momentum. Pep thinks he can fix things with the same players and with different tactics (and he is right most of the time). That's why he'll never sub HT. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Same with Klopp. Different philosophies have different strengths and weaknesses.


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10 Nov 2019
Team supported
Did anyone actually listen to or read Pep's comments?

He literally said the team were exhausted. He said this was going to be a very difficult game because of the high intensity of both Marsch and Hassenhuttl.

He knew this was going to happen, which is why he appealed to the crowd.

None of this is conjecture, the man literally spelled it out but people would rather talk about imagined insults instead of what he actually said.

And then after the game, after he said the team were exhausted, you're questioning why the team looked tired! You couldn't make it up FFS.
I hear you.

Still, The media circus, and divisions his comments created. Were not ideal preparation for any game.

Everything felt well off today.

On to the next game.


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28 Dec 2009
Bad day at the office and at least five players chose today to be rank bad. Credit to their defence & midfield - closed us down all game but we should be able to counter that. I thought the work rate was just not there today. Gabby looked very poor and we missed Ferran's movement - too many times Raheem was static or running behind defenders. Making runs, creating space is something we need as a team and that is why Ferran should play every time ahead of Raheem who looks no where near his England form, which is kind of odd.

Fact is though when Ake plays we are a different animal - he did ok but is too slow bringing it out, which makes it easy for a team to get set to stop us but blame also has to be given to Cancelo, Dias and Walker who should have taken on responsibility for distribution.

Overall Southampton deserved a point at least but my main gripe is how they can get away with time wasting after just ten mins of the match. Very frustrating - book the keeper and they will stop doing it - it is meant to be entertainment after all is it not?

It's a point I guess but we need to get Rodri, Laporte or Stones, Kev and Phil in the starting lineup asap.

deano ou812

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14 Jul 2009
In the dugout....
Sterling i think is spent,he looks a shadow of the player from a couple of seasons back,maybe take him out of the squad altogether and that might reinvigorate him but I think I’m clutching at straws..


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28 Feb 2006
he slows us down badly bringing the ball out, huge difference to Laporte./Stones, even more so when there is no midfield in front of him
If you think the pace we brought the ball out of defence was the difference today then fair enough. I'd put it down to no energy, sloppy passing, no pressing from the front and poor selection. Then add individual brainfarts and then i'd complain how quickly Ake passed the ball towards Gundogan only for him to look at it, not chase it, then put his arms up in frustration that his fucking legs were stuck to the fucking floor all game.


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3 Nov 2015
Near where the "Welcome to Manchester" sign was
Just too many players on an off day today. Ferna & Gundogan in midfield offered us nothing, far too slow in possession and too many misplaced passes. Sterling should never be played in the centre of a front 3, his movement just isn't good enough. Jesus, Walker & Cancelo just giving the ball away far too much. Simply not good enough to get 3 points today.

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