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Zin 'messiah' Zimmer

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6 May 2009
over the rainbow
Did anyone actually listen to or read Pep's comments?

He literally said the team were exhausted. He said this was going to be a very difficult game because of the high intensity of both Marsch and Hassenhuttl.

He knew this was going to happen, which is why he appealed to the crowd.

None of this is conjecture, the man literally spelled it out but people would rather talk about imagined insults instead of what he actually said.

And then after the game, after he said the team were exhausted, you're questioning why the team looked tired! You couldn't make it up FFS.
I interpreted it exactly the same, people mock Rodri but he’s sorely missed nowadays, that coupled with injuries, a result like this was more than expected, if anything we gained a valuable point against an improving team!


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17 Aug 2014
parallel universe
too high intensity for us. i dont think this city side will be able to cope with either teams
i dont think either of them will beat us , Tuchel will play his normal tactics agianst us and play for a breakway goal , they are not high intensity and Klopp will be wary after the drubbing we gave them last season , he won't commit players forward and leave himself wide open to a counter attack. A couple of 0-0 draws on the horizon.

Chris B

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8 Mar 2020
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I only listened on the radio but from what I heard it was a familiar sort of game that we’ve had a few times over the last season or two.

We’ve lost aguero, actually probably lost peak aguero three years ago, and not replaced him. Fernandinho is in his last season. Mendy is done too, whatever happens legally.

It almost feels like we’re in a rebuilding phase and the teams performance is reflecting that. If we get a new full back with the quality of a Zabaleta (but left footed), a new defensive midfielder like a young Fernandinho, and a new striker equal to Aguero, then we will dominate English football more than ever before. A striker is obviously the number one concern. But as we’ve seen at United, getting quality players in is not just a question of spending the cash.

At the moment even when we play well there seems to be a bit less intensity than there used to be. I’m not convinced playing without a centre forward is that great even when we score five or six. It feels like we need to make twice as many chances as other teams to score the same number of goals. Often that’s exactly what we do but today it just wasn’t working.

Credit to Southampton as it sounds like they had a real go at being positive which not every team does against us. I suppose it’s hard for Pep to set up a team when you play bus parkers one week and a proper team the next, although we’ve had two sides have a go at us this week and have a tough few fixtures coming as well.


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8 May 2021
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Having one shot on target at home against a team who fight relegation every season isn't embarassing? give it a rest, we are in a fucking title race. Dropped 2 points and could have been worse.

"Disciplined back 4, busy midfield"

Shame they didn't think of that as the 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th went past them.
If that’s how football works you should be making a fortune at the bookies.


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28 Aug 2016
Very frustrating , why couldn't 1 of those 10 goals in last 2 home Prem games have come today!(Unfortunately doesn't work like that though)
Before last weekend, thought we'd draw at Leicester and win today, not the other way round.
We've had shit results in previous seasons where we've won the league, though you feel this year will be tougher than most!
Sounds like Soton deserved a draw, made for very uninspiring listening on the radio though ( have to 'pick and choose games' for various reasons like many blues so quite pleased I chose to go Weds and not today tbh!)


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21 Aug 2014
Credit to Saints they rattled us and looked the more energetic team all game.

As a side note, Delap scored in his first game back, and the brilliant McAtee bagged another two. Delap wouldnt do any worse than Raz did today as striker.
It will never happen, putting kids into a premier game won't happen under pep and probably should not anyway

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