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  1. bellwhaft


    19 Dec 2009
    they bring him on talkshyte to talk about City and he spends 70% of his time talking about the rags. He just can't help himself can he.
  2. waspish


    25 Jan 2009
    Blue Moon
    He's a slimy Rag |<unt
  3. Pigeonho


    9 Jun 2009
    In the King's Head, waiting for the Queen's legs t
    I listened to that and it was actually a comment which bigged us up, hence Brazil immediately inviting callers to debate why he wouldn't get into our team but would Uniteds, despite them being Champions. He actually said 'he wouldn't get into City's team but would slot into Uniteds? With all due respect Peter, United are Champions'. So it was like he (Spencer) was saying he isn't good enough for us, but is good enough for United, i.e. Silva being better, (which he also mentioned).
  4. mancunial


    27 Jun 2009
    can,t stand the guy, he has no man city input whatsoever, why do muen have this guy representing city,it,s like having george bush as talibans spokesman?
  5. Bluebee2


    31 May 2009
    He's a dirty rag and also a referee, no wonder.
  6. Dave Ewing's Back 'eader

    Dave Ewing's Back 'eader

    9 Mar 2007
    Upwind of the Mangrove Swamp
    A case of having an agenda and no matter what the circumstances or environment that agenda has to have an airing. A Rag is a Rag. No matter how yer dress up the lump of mutton the best he can do to be a lamb is baaaaaaaaa!
  7. Does Talksport know or care that this man, and the twitching corpse of the once proud newspaper he represents, has zero credibility with the vast majority of City fans I know?
  8. daveduke67


    15 Apr 2010
    RIP Sue & Sam.
    Or as the man behind the delicious food we are served up in City Square, Marco Pierre White, once said

    "You can put a pig in a suit but it you won't stop it grunting"

    I think he also said that cow shit smells ok in the countryside but you wouldn't want a plie of it in your living room. Not that that has anything to do with the OP but most posts after the first two or three rarely do.
  9. Dr Mick

    Dr Mick

    2 Jul 2010
    I live in my car
    Peter Spencer holds the honour of having a direct hand in producing the most appalling article ever written about City (and that is saying something considering all the shit that has been written about us over the past couple of years).

    Published shortly after Hugheless' sacking, here it is once again Bluemooners reprinted in all its glory. Enjoy...

    THE row over the bungled sacking of Mark Hughes by Manchester City on Saturday made headlines for all the wrong reasons.

    City fans have voiced criticism about the way things were handled, particularly by chief executive Garry Cook.

    This website has had a record response to Hughes' axing with well over a thousand comments from around the world.

    In a vote of almost 5,000 supporters, opinions over whether the sacking was justified are split with just under 60 per cent saying it wasn't. So it is clear it is not the actual dismissal that is at issue, it is the way the club's image has been tarnished by the way it was carried out.

    Here M.E.N. sports editor Peter Spencer asks the 12 questions he sincerely hopes Mr Cook will answer ASAP in an effort to help clear up the row that has gripped the football world. These questions were sent to Mr Cook on Monday night.

    1: WHY did you attend the press conference when it was obvious your very presence would take the emphasis away from what could be described as an interesting appointment and certainly one that was highly newsworthy considering Mancini had barely been mentioned in speculation surrounding Hughes' future?

    2: WHY was there such an emphasis on the loyalty Sheikh Mansour was going to show to Hughes and his backroom team? This was virtually every day reiterated by your increasing number of PR people. The media, including ourselves, believed this and the view was reflected in our reporting of club affairs so is it any wonder ourselves and therefore the club's supporters feel deceived?

    3: ON reflection do you think the whole issue of the change in manager could have been handled better? You have been in this job long enough to know there are absolutely no secrets in football.

    4: WHY did you delay the announcement until Saturday, making Hughes look foolish and many in the crowd bemused as word got round during the game against Sunderland?

    5: WHAT exactly is the target in terms of points, position in the Premier League, silverware? Mancini has said HIS target is a top-four place but what would satisfy the owners particularly as Hughes believes he was achieving the target he had been set. Has the bar been raised?

    6: IF Mancini doesn't do as well as Hughes - and his appointment is a huge gamble as he has never worked as a manager in this country - will he go at the end of the season? Is he really a stop-gap until there is a better chance of landing Mourinho?

    7: ON reflection was it a mistake to sell Richard Dunne to aspiring rivals Villa? I accept hindsight is a great thing but his replacements have hardly been on top of their game and, while I'm on this, how close were City - truthfully - to signing John Terry?

    8: IS it fair to say the scouting and assessment of possible big-money so-called superstar targets needs reviewing? I ask this because Robinho, Lescott, Toure, Adebayor and Bridge to name but five have not performed to the standard the majority of supporters expected.

    9: WHY did City sign Robinho for a British record fee and was Hughes entirely in agreement? Is he going to be sold to Barcelona when the transfer window opens next week?

    10: IT is obvious City need to sign a centre half next month but what else can be expected in terms of team strengthening? How much has Mancini got to spend and do you think the uncomfortable events over the last few days will hinder City's chances of landing reinforcements?

    11: YOU want City to be a brand as well as a football club don't you? Well that brand is tarnished now so what can you do about it?

    12: AND finally, the relationship that you have done so well to develop with the most important people of all, ie the fans, is now strained. What are you going to do to address this?
  10. DSonBlue


    21 Jan 2011
    Rossendale, Lancs
    Talkshite are - on the whole - media gossips.

    They are the football equivalent of a tv guide / women's mag.

    They aren't interested in the facts, only the controversy.

    They allways setup each debate the same:

    - good cop (reasonable-ish)
    - bad cop (narrow-minded, loud mouthed, ill-informed etc)

    They exist only to use tittle tattle in order to generate revenue.

    Football related (i.e. factual) question: how long do you think it will take for them to give the east manchester development program the airtime it quite obviously deserves?

    Talkshite Answer: when we can somehow manage to put a "City ruining football" spin on it - and not before - because otherwise we won't make money. Let the Gaurdian do the "boring" job of unbias, our listeners want to be "entertained", regardless of the "good of football".

    Anyone spot the hypocrisy of that answer by the way? Pot = Kettle.

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