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  1. shemnel


    21 Dec 2013
    just to bring this up again:

    what is the latest thinking with the fullbacks and wingbacks then? With about 24 games before January, we have Walker, Mendy and Danilo. Someone will get tired/injured/suspended you would have thought, will Fernandinho be drafted to right back again? By no means a panic, i just got wondering what our back up strategy is
  2. ono


    15 Jul 2008
    Bluemoon Official Spanish Correspondent
    Don't mean to say that i should be offered a place on the coaching staff but if Pep is reading...

    Jokes aside, do people think inverting Delph will enable us to see the season through in dominant fashion, and if so, do you feel we would actually be better served bringing in a similar left footed player in January, as opposed to bringing in a left back? Personally i think inverting the full backs when the centre backs have the ball almost stops the opposition from attempting the high press as the opposition would have to commit to it with at least 6 players, and if all of those players are central, it leaves a huge hole if the press is unsuccessful.

    Finally, i posted this on the media thread, but i'm annoyed at the actual thickness of the UK Media/Pundits who seem to perpetuate the myth that Pep only plays 'one way', ignoring all the intricacies within his tactics.

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