Statues at the ground

City & Blue Brazil

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20 Mar 2013
Rochdale have a statue of one of their fans who sadly died (and left his estate to the club) sat in his regular seat at spotland. Could be one way to get round the Emptihad sneers!!!

Johnny Mars Bar

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6 Feb 2010
The South Stand
Giving Yaya a statue would be an insult to David.

Legendary player but there's more that goes into earning one of those statues.

The three players who have been given them gave their all every time they went on the pitch and conducted themselves in the most flawless manner.

I'd want my kids to appreciate the likes of Yaya, Tevez and Mancini for what happened on the pitch but never idolise them for the way they were off it and I think, ultimately, statues go to those who have the complete package.

I agree with all of that apart from the dig at Mancini..


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25 May 2013
Quite like the idea to give bell lee and summerbee statues, askin as they are proper statues that is. But no more. 3 on each side, perfect.

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