Steve MacKenzie

Discussion in 'Bluemoon forum' started by Dodge, 8 Feb 2017.

  1. Mid Wales blue

    Mid Wales blue

    30 Jan 2017
    Tow the line and all is fine, break the line it's end of time. :)
  2. Chipmeister


    27 Jan 2010
    Great memories as a kid of Stevie Mc training a group of us at Platt Lane, he lived in Withington off Burton Rd and used to give me a lift home in his black Saab. He scored the winner at the platt lane end in the derby and as we chatted bout how great it was to score and the fans were amazing his boots were on the back seat, his right boot was split and he said I could have them.
    Spin me good lads used to get together at Platt Lane in its early days when the 5 Asia Astro was first put in. Can't believe how long ago it was.

    All the Steve, a City legend
  3. Silva Citizen

    Silva Citizen

    29 Nov 2013
    bump.... is there any news on Steves condition. Came across this when looking something else up... couldnt find it mentioned elsewhere

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