Stories of meeting City fans in unusual places


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6 Jun 2006
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I’m currently on a cycle tour and find myself in Vienna. Now I’m sure you all know that Manchester City’s finest hour was in this fine city, in the Prata Stadium where we beat Gornik 2-1 to win the European Cup Winners Cup on a horrible rainy night.
Obviously my first port of call was to cycle up to the stadium and get a picture. It was quite apt that it had been raining all day and as I got to the stadium the rain still came down. I was glad about that.
Photo duly taken I headed to find my hostel and get out and about for a mooch. It was on this mooch that I saw a small group of lads chatting and out of the corner of my eye I spotted what looked like the bottom quarter of the Manchester City crest on a duffle bag one of the lads had on. I am sure you, like me can spot the words Manchester City amongst a sea of other words in a split second. It’s like our eyes have a built-in homing device which just zooms in on City and City stuff. That’s what happened with me about an hour ago here in Vienna with this lad’s bag. Anyway, I tapped him on the shoulder and said ‘Hey, your bag and my hat’ (I had my City bucket hat on) and he laughed and was made up. We got chatting and he said his name was Julian and his dad (also Austrian) is a City fan and now he is. He knew all about the ECWC victory of 1970 and because of that famous win his dad and now him are City fans. He also had a City shirt on under his hoodie. What a guy! Been a great day thinking of our great club today and meeting young Julian was the cherry on the cake.


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Mr Ed (The Stables)

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18 Aug 2008
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Years ago I was on a family holiday in Casiope Corfu.

I was in a taverna by the marina. I'd just read the paper (always a day later) and found out Alan Ball had been appointed.

I went and sat on the marina side with my legs dangling nearly touching the water feeling really depressed.

My lad came and sat beside me and he was wearing a City top he'd be about 14 years old. A random guy sat next to me he saw my lads top and told me he was a blue and had just heard the same depressing news.

It was totally surreal and summed up how probably every blue felt with that appointment.


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26 Jan 2006
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Another one from me. I went for a job interview in Norwich and the guy interviewing me asked me if I supported City or united. Obviously I told him I was a Blue and, with that, he got his wallet out and passed me his City season ticket. What was even more bizarre was he sat 10 rows in front of me in 102 (which we were in for our first few years at the Etihad.

We went to get a coffee from the vending machine, and there was another City fan there, so the three of us chatted City for a few minutes. When the interview finished, I walked out of the building and straight in front of me was a woman with a City hat on.

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15 Sep 2011
I was in Disneyland when we played Macclesfield away and kept phoning the bookies where the wife worked to find out the score..anyway I managed to get through and it was almost full time and it was 0-0.. then the manager of the bookies said Goater has just scored...I was jumping around as you do and as I was wearing a City top some bloke asked the score..said 1-0..and he was happy as fuck..
Turned out he was a blue from London..

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