Summer outgoings and possible replacements


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15 Aug 2012
Who ever is coming in it needs to be done already for me as once the euros start nothing is happening. Not the best time to be looking at world class striker & midfielders.

be happy with Kane & Grealish for next season


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27 Jun 2012
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Took a look at Bayern. Lewa has a place at Chelsea if he wants it. If they do it, and go for Haaland now, then it could be incumbent on them to find some money. The new boss wasn't free, although the CB he bought with him was ridiculously underpriced (Bayern acting like scumbags to the last).

Someone mentioned Coman, which makes a tiny amount of sense, a perfect replacement if Sterling left - stupid pace and good technique. But it's likely thought of as a hopeful link, rather than a promising one. The reason he is mentioned is that he is negotiating, and Bayern already have Sane, Gnabry, and Muller for the wings. Gnabry is his direct rival, and has moved ahead in the pecking order. Still, will the new boss see it like that? Going back to Chelsea and Lewa, RW Hodson Odoi was mentioned in the other direction. So.... maybe, I guess, there's just a little smoke there in all that.

Hakimi has been linked with Bayern, presumably as a replacement for Alaba. But Bayern were rumoured to be put off by the 50m+ price. He would suit us as well - if Cancelo did leave, we wouldn't have to sign an outright LB, rather see Hakimi as yet another who can fill in.

Ach. Now I've written it all down, my impression is this is likely just vague possibilities thrown up by the central plot of Lukaku to Chelsea.


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23 Oct 2014


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7 Jan 2018
Could be crap but?

Looks most of it bullshit but if wesign him than it cements Pep's bias Roberto is garbage and would be massive waste of space and foreign spot

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