Summer outgoings and possible replacements


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7 Nov 2010
He was injured and then didnt get a run of games to reach his top form.
He has had plenty of opportunities over the last season and largely failed to impress
Unfortunately his injuries have taken their toll
He has lost his pace and defensively offers v little
I like many here feel sorry for him but that’s no reason to keep him

Edwin Edwin

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18 May 2016
Other than Kun,the only ones who'll probably leave are Mendy,Bernardo and Jesus

Bernardo because this is the second consecutive window that he's reportedly asked to leave,and (reportedly) not for footballing reasons,just a change of scenery,and think with the respect between him and Pep/club,they'll try to facilitate and work sth out with Atleti?,maybe a Felix swap or whatever

Jesus because with Kane/or a 9 coming in now,he's at a crossroads moment at this stage of his career and a honest conversation will be had with the club,and they might try to find a solution for him with Juve? if Ronaldo leaves or sth

Hypothetically,obviously Kane replaces Aguero,Mendy leaves,replaced by a cheap LB (Robinson?),Felix-Bernardo swap,Jesus leaves,and Felix effectively replaces Jesus and Grealish replaces Bernardo and I think that's pretty much it.A case of 4 out,4 in,basically

The rest..the likes of Laporte,Raz and others who may be 'discontent',in their hearts of hearts know that any interested clubs are skint and wouldn't be able to present an acceptable offer to City,and will just have to ride it out and wait till next summer when the market sort of stabilizes. We aren't desperate for the money and only on our terms will be the message.


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23 Oct 2014


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2 Jan 2016
Are people being realistic or are they doing fantasy football on steroids

Who do they think can afford the like of Mahrez Sterling Jesus Laport Bernardo ?

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