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  1. karen7


    4 Feb 2010
    Between zen and mad
    Jordan said in twitter the other day. That he out his own money into palace and what was the prob!an with that,but he says our owner is a cheat for doing it
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  2. GAZZA


    26 May 2004
    Darkest Africa
    and every time he says this he gets invited back onto Talksport - he knows who's paying his wages ;-)
  3. Lupo


    7 May 2019
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    I've just turned off. Going into work in a minute anyway but like a silly comedy show this morning with Laura Woods banging on about Jon Bon Jovi and Ally McCoist guffawing like a drunk in a Glasgow boozer.

    They spent the part of the show discussing their respective holidays in Bali and Argentina.

    McCoist was about to say something insightful about Wolves a few minutes ago but she butted in as she had some silly Bon Jovi thing to run again.
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  4. ballinio


    22 Apr 2006
    Stopped listenening a few weeks ago but after such a great victory I gave it a go this morning , it’s like they were struggling for things to say , peps got a husky voice then ‘ who would you rather play for pep or klopp’, of course klopp was the answer then proceeded to go through the Liverpool team player by player saying how brilliant they were , switched off again
  5. give it to gordon

    give it to gordon

    3 Nov 2013
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    lol I did the same thing after dropping the missus of I thought havent listen for a good few months put it on at the same time as you by the sound of things ! Plus them saying how much Klopp has improved all his players etc etc . I to turned off after about the same time as you ! I do struggle to see how Klopp is compared with Pep to me Klopp plays the same 14 players in the same style year after year, yet Pep changes his team (perhaps to much sometimes) last night Peps tactics were bang on. Pep thinks about each match were as to me Klopp is the same hit it long to the 3 fast forwards or the wide men, simple !!
    Even when discussing City there turn it back to livarpool !
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  6. Tommy_Catons_Perm


    22 Dec 2011
    I turned it on a few minutes before you two and they said the phone lines are open and we will talk about the City v Real Madrid next. But noboby phoned in and they didn't talk about the match, they talked about Liverpool players instead "what about Joe gomez ?" Etc.

    The silly lady said the league cup final kicks off at about 1pm on Sunday, or is it 3 pm?, "oh I don't know, giggle giggle". She then said City have never got past the champ league quarter final. I was almost tempted to ring in to ask why do they broadcast false information and why Is it called talk sport when they have not got a clue what they are talking about.
  7. its grim up north

    its grim up north

    23 Apr 2012
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    The Fourmidables

    Don't anyone phone in, it's all scripted to make gullible people spend money on phone calls that get you nowhere
  8. trublue55


    3 Feb 2008
    Honestly, i rarely listen to it now, but made the mistake of switching to it about half hour ago, couldn't believe the absolute shite they were broadcasting. Started off discussing Ramos and his 26 red cards, within minutes Glenn Johnson was claiming that Sterling and Jesus, both dived for the penalty and red card respectively. They really don't like us !
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  9. Franny's toilet roll

    Franny's toilet roll

    23 Dec 2013
    Accidently started listening to this whilst driving, i think the conclusion from Johnson was that they both knew they were going to get clattered and when it happened they went down, ie they played for it. Laura Wood replied 'a penalty and red card then', Johnson agreed , The Scottish alcoholic , Jim ( there are so many on this station) , concluded 'so cheating then!' Couldn't make it up. So the morning after a great English win, in Madrid's back yard , we have an ex Liverpool player as a guest throwing shade , a host determined to deride the result and the manner in which it was achieved. Our only mild support coming from the female presenter. Well done that woman, come round to mine and i'll cook you dinner and feed you the finest Belgian chocolates whilst you bathe in a bath of Tetleys
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  10. purplenose


    25 Oct 2015
    The Deep South of Cheshire
    Honestly Why do people listen to it.

    If you went into a pub and it was full of scouces talking shit, you would drink up sharpish and fuck off never to go again?
    If you went into a restaurant and the food was shite you would not return?

    When you turn on talk sport you know full well it is going to spewing utter nonsense from which at worse is going to boil your piss and give you the hump. At best leaving you feeling like you just wasted a part of your life where you could have been doing something more pleasurable such as visiting the nearest brass house and paying for some bint to shove a cactus up your arse.. So why on earth listen to it?
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