Mad Eyed Screamer

26 Nov 2010
Bombs away on Tampa Bay
Just had Talkshite on the radio on my 10 minutes journey from golf, no idea what the debate was supposed to be about but this is what I heard from Darren Bent and a couple of other no marks:

Sergio doesn't get in the top 5 for one of them and the top 10 for the other, even saying Sherringham was above him and what a talent he was.

A Spuds fan rang in and they got onto net spend, the period they choose was 2014 - 2019, City were of course top followed closely by the Rags and Chavs, why those years? Must be obvious.

As I got home Bent said, "after the break we will be talking about statues"

What a shitstain of a station, obvious anti City bias but it's relentless, why not have a look at how good our club is?
They were talking about their favourite strikers as opposed to the best.
They all agreed Aguero is in the top 5 all time strikers but just not their personal favourites.
The talk about the statues was embarressing. Alex Cook a rag was pure fishing - saying there should also be one for Nicky Weaver and The Goat.
One Blue rang in and asked how many trophies did Best, Ticket Tout and Law win... Less than 10 between them and Silva, Kompany and Aguero have 30 plus between them.
Cook went on about European medals etc and how hard it was to win it back then.
The Blue said "Hard to win it? Bloody Celtic won it the year before!"

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