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27 Mar 2011
They did a discussion yesterday morning about whether, in the modern game, traditional strikers were no longer required and pointed, amongst others, to the fact that we won the league last season without a recognised striker for much of it. I actually found it quite interesting and they should do more of that stuff.

They won't, though, because it doesn't get the masses foaming at the mouth and phoning up to fill their coffers.

The 3 best sides in the country don't play traditional strikers.

Liverpool's only striker is Roberto Firmino, an attacking midfielder Klopp converted into a target man for the wingers to play off. For some reason no one calls him a false 9 although he's as close to that position as it gets.

We obviously play without one most of the time.

Chelsea won the CL last season with only a winger turned striker in Werner and now they're playing their best football with Lukaku on the bench.

PSG don't have one either, Neymar plays through the middle as the striker with Mbappe and Messi on the wings.


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20 Dec 2009
Purslow the CEO of Villa is a right slimey twat, now on Talkshite calling out PSG and us, saying rated party sponsorship is being tightened up to prevent Clubs circumventing FFP rules. How many more times do cunts like him need reminding we are owned by an Individual and even though we get “friendly” sponsorship it’s legitimate and there’s fuck all they can do about it without us spanking their combined arses in Court once again.


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21 Aug 2014
What the fuck does a Frankenstein club mean, he can't stop himself the pompous prick, don't be fooled blues, he's a racist **** who despises our owners while sucking the cocks of the yank owned clubs, we don't need or want faux praise from haters like this bellend.
He hates us as a club, no problem, I hate Crystal Palace, in fact I f**ing hate them and there sh1t ground, but at least he has publicly and rightly praised our football.

Some serious pundits/new organisations can't even do that.

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