Tecknet 720 Webcam.

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16 Dec 2010
Wondering if anyone could help here or if anyone has this brand.

I record covers and put them on Youtube, my last webcams image quality sucked so i bought this one as it had great reviews.

Installed it, used the Cd with it, but when i record myself playing acoustic the audio i get back is distorted, and i also can't seem to change the settings to decrease the size of the video and webcam image when i open it. it's set as 1280x720 and had default next to 2048x1536, need it smaller as a 3 minute video recording is over 1Gb!!!

I've uninstalled it and reinstalled it and fiddled with all the settings but to no success.
I know this thread is old, but also have problem with tecknet. I seem to have another problem with this camera. When i plugged this Camera in for the first time the lights came on and it worked fine on Skype without installing the software. I turned my PC off over night and turned it back on and the camera, that is in the exact same USB port, lights arent on anymore and i quite liked that feature. Ive played around in the settings and tried switching ports but i cant seem to get the lights working again.
It sounds like you initially had a positive experience with your camera. It's a bit unusual that the lights stopped working after a PC restart, especially if it's still in the same USB port. You might want to explore the camera settings to see if there's an option to enable the lights. Additionally, try checking record cashier transactions screen , if applicable, to check if the camera's functionality is affected during recording. If the issue persists, it could be a driver or software-related problem. You might consider reinstalling the camera's software or checking for driver updates to see if that resolves the light issue.
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