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15 Apr 2007
under a volcanic ash cloud
I see radacnu has just been beaten in the Australian open, was following the updates on the sky sports app, she came back from a set down to 1 each, then in the decider according to sky she was looking the stronger player.
2 seconds after she loses the headline is "sick raducanu crashes out of the Australian open".
Why is it whenever a British player loses they always have some sort of injury up their sleeve to blame
I don’t know much about tennis but Emma Raducanu has had a number of injuries. I just hope the media don’t pressure her, Luke Littler and other young stars we have.

When Raducanu won the US Open, we had the last game or two on in the pub late and everyone stopped partying (they had DJ / karaoke on) to watch.

Old Billy was going “How on earth can you be half Romanian and half Chinese?”
To be fair, she was wretching into a towel mid set, I don't think it's an excuse.

Having watched it, it was a very physical match with lots of long games. Tough one to play when you're coming back from many injuries and probably not 100% match fit.

You can see she has plenty of ability. As long as she stays injury free, gets fit and gets some confidence back, she can do well.
Haven't we already got a tennis thread?


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