That unfunny "see you next Tuesday" from the YouTube!

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  1. Tricky Dickys Right Foot Shot

    Tricky Dickys Right Foot Shot

    30 Nov 2008
    So it seems a YouTuber called PewDiePie has caused controversy with a video that shows two Indian kids (who call themselves the funnyguys) dancing around with a sign that says "kill all the Jews".
    It's been stayed that PewDiePie paid these individuals to pull this stunt, and later apologising claiming that he "didn't know they would actually do it" but posted it on his YouTube still.

    More in the link below..

    Now I don't find the whole thing offensive and I'm not outraged by it, but I do question how someone in his position made $15M last year just for being a **** on a website.... that I do find offensive!

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