The 2011/12 Season

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  1. oldhamblue


    26 Aug 2007
    Hard to believe the Mackems were our bogey team. Remember absolutely dominating them and getting suckerpunched by a couple of late Conor Wickham goals. Is he still playing?
  2. Thekinkygoat


    31 Aug 2017
    Attempting to play anyway. The worst was 11/12 when Micah hit the bar and they went up and scored a blatantly offside goal to win 1-0.
  3. chaddblue


    5 Jan 2008
    I don’t think I’ve ever been as nervous before a game as I was before the Newcastle game. Sat in a boozer in Newcastle feeling physically sick with nerves. In my head QPR was a formality so that game would determine whether or not we would win the league... and newcastle were half decent then and chasing a CL place. I was an emotional wreck at the final whistle that day!

    A mate of mine was on a flight during the game and asked me to text him the score. Apparently he got talking to another blue on the plane, complete stranger. He told me the as the plane landed he turned his phone on a and a text from me popped up with something like “2-0 win. We’re gonna win the league” and him and this other lad were dancing and hugging in the aisle
  4. What a season that was the 6-1, smashing spurs away. Was it Fulham at home late January when there was an almighty blizzard and a guy had to keep running on to mark out the penalty area?

    Tevez going on a golfing holiday, Suarez kicking off with Evra, John Terry doing his bit for racial equality, Thierry Henry on a month come back for Arsenal, Chelsea beating Bayern Munich in their own stadium to win the champions league and Sergio at the death 93.20. Don’t think we will see a season like that in a very long time.
  5. Lovebitesandeveryfing


    28 Oct 2013
    Trumann's For Steel
    That was as important as the matches on either side of it, wasn’t it? I had hardly taken time to savour our victory over the rags, and I was already thinking, "Shit, that’s all very well, but now we’ve got Saint James’s Park away, and they’re chasing a CL slot. It’s nearly as difficult." I was rigid with fear. Then along comes Yaya who, just as much as Vinnie at the Etihad, had decided that we were going to get that trophy that year. He was simply monumental.
  6. greasedupdeafguy


    14 Apr 2009
    Couldnt write a better end to the season than the 2011-2012 season. The current side however is on another level to mancini’s team. I believe we only won 2 out of 11 away league games from late november to after the arsenal game which shows how good our home form was.
  7. BringBackSwales


    3 Jul 2009
    Behind the goal in level 7 at SJP when Yaya curled that first one in was utterly beautiful
  8. blue b4 the moon

    blue b4 the moon

    25 Feb 2005
    315 now Gold forever
    Had marks on my leg around the knee area for days after the Newcastle game, was sat directly below our fans with my lad and I didn't even feel his suppressed celebration but saw the bruising later.

    Still can't get my head around how we almost fucked it up.
  9. Wolfy


    22 May 2004
    One of my lasting memories was being stood outside Wolves’ ground hearing that United were comfortably beating Everton only to find they had equalised. Trying to refresh Sky Sports text commentary with people ringing home asking what the score is, how long left, etc.

    Then it ended and we were stood outside the turnstiles like, shit, we’re back in it. That Wolves game was so tense and yet it was a comfortable win looking back. Think we relegated ‘em didn’t we?
  10. Bert Trautmanns Helemet

    Bert Trautmanns Helemet

    10 Jul 2016
    Leaving early to beat the traffic...
    My abiding memory of that season was Mancini putting Ferguson in his place on the touch line at the Etihad when we beat them 1-0.
    Ferguson had ruled the roost for 20 years with no one daring to even remotely stand up to him. Bobby went toe to toe with him and from
    that moment on we knew something had changed. Bobby had ripped down the banner the previous season and then this. It was the begining
    of the end for Ferguson and I will never forget the look on his face when Bobby told him how it was! He shuffled off looking shocked & confused
    like a heavy weight boxer who had eventually taken to many punches. We owe Mancini a great debt for what he did and in the timescale he did it in.
    He wasn't everyone's cup of tea at the end but he is true & genuine MCFC legend and always will be.

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