The Album Review Club - Week #118 - (page 1399) - Pacific Street - The Pale Fountains

Then there's the potential for greatness stopped in it's tracks

1. Party Time
2. In My Mind (Is A Different World - A Cheeky One)

and we'll never know what could have happened next if Lembit Opik hadn't got involved
Fog, if you prefer 80's to the seventies overall your shouts are on the mark , but from sixties to now I cannot go past Steely Dan and you could make a case for Gaucho as well despite most critics canning it at the time of release when arguments and egos and differences in musical direction took over.

Royal Scam is loved by most ardent fans but yes not so by others it is somewhat polarising however it features Larry Carlton so for me it has to be included in the run of great albums.

Aja and Katy Lied for me are not only two of the best albums made in the seventies but both are in my top ten albums of all time and I am sure in many others top twenty if not top ten as well.

You can find faults or pieces of music in any album that make you think meh , or that doesn't do it for me but when you take Steely Dan from 1972 -1977 each album and each track stacks up , no fillers for me at all each track deserves its place on the album and many of the tracks not released into the market place as singles are as good if not better than those that were responsible for each albums commercial success.

Many would disagree I think most on this forum and most music lovers would disagree I know but if you could only have 6 albums on the spin by one artist / band / duet etc to listen to for all time for me it has to be Steely Dan.

Musicianship , sound , lyrics , production , humour even a dig at the Eagles and a preference for listening over great dance music its Steely Dan.
I actually really like The Royal Scam so I think from debut through Aja that’s a run of six pretty much stellar records and you and I are on precisely the same page (once again!) as to Aja and Katy Lied which are also my two favo(u)rites. Gaucho is ok and I’m not 100 percent on board with Countdown to Ecstasy which I like but not as much as the other six in the run. “Charlie Freak” is still my favo(u)rite Steely Dan song though it’s not one of their better known ones; “Your Gold Teeth II” is probably second — another more obscure one. They really were pretty special — in a category of their own in so many ways.
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I raise you all.

  1. The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan — May 27, 1963
  2. The Times They Are a-Changin’ — February 1964
  3. Another Side of Bob Dylan — August 8, 1964
  4. Bringing It All Back Home — March 22, 1965
  5. Highway 61 Revisited — August 30, 1965
  6. Blonde on Blonde — June 20, 1966
As a non-Dylan-aficionado I’m in no position to argue but was “Another Side” really considered a classic, iconographic record?
The Rolling Stones Some Girls

Great pick BB , classic album from a top band! It’s years since I’ve listened to this and I agree it’s one of their best.
It’s only let down by the cover of ‘Just My Imagination’ and Keefs weak vocals on ‘ Before They Make Me Run’ I much prefer his gruff talking voice on his solo stuff.


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