The Album Review Club - Week #37 (page 425) - Rusalka


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3 Aug 2007
The Sunny Sarrrrf!
Thought it was 2 weeks, I've listened to some of it once, not sure i'll make 3 listens (but will try) simply because any opera singing is worse than nails down a blackboard to my ears ;(
Undoubtedly talented in their field, but it's like trying to enjoy watching utd winning games under GPC....can't be done.


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7 Jul 2008
Listen, Can you smell something?
I've done 3 listens of the full opera. I've also watched the film. Just for reference.

What can I say? I am not a fan of opera. Probably because I struggle to understand what's going on most of the time. This, even though I've had it on around the house at various stages of sober to I've had a few and at different times of the day, has not changed my opinion. Which is a pity as I really like some classical pieces. Holst's Planets is stirring, beautiful and takes you on a journey, a beautiful wonderous journey.

Rusalka didn't stir me in the same way. I listened to Renee Fleming singing Song To The Moon, it has a touch of the "Somewhere over a Rainbow", the thieving gits, about it. The music is lovely in places but her face looked like a gurner. Patricia Janeckova was easier on the eye but it still hasn't gripped me.

I've worked it out. It's the acting. The trying to tell a story. For some reason it really grates.

Anyway, without the annoying singing, I quite like the music but it's just not gripping enough for me. Nice in parts though.

A score. Would be a 7 for the music but a 4 for the singing so we will settle for a 5/10

Thanks for getting me to listen to a whole opera. Never done it before. Might not again but at least I've heard something new.

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