The Bluemoon Song Cup 2024 - P125 Round 1 / CD / M55 - Creedence Clearwater Revival (Fortunate Son) v The Byrds (Triad)

Rules/scores will all be on page 1.
first round only all fixtures will compete in category order.

Please click 'Like' on the song you prefer.

Round 1/CB/M25
Category B - 2005+ fixtures...

Fort Minor - Remember the Name
James - Curse Curse
Well I never thought I would vote for guys talking quick and moving their hands a lot over James but I did. Nothing makes any sense anymore:-)
Musically Hip Hop is not my thing - but there is a lovely string arrangement and the spoken word is great poetry - and I do like a good poem. So like for the previously unheard of Fort Minor - "Hundred percent reason to remember the name"

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