The Bluemoon Song Cup 2024 - P70 Round 1 / CB /M29 - Oasis (Don't Stop) v Gwen Stefani (Hollaback Girl)


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13 Oct 2010

Here we go !

All 160 songs have been randomly selected and each day a fixture will go head to head.

Thankyou to all the contributors (32) who have submitted - for those who did not submit you can still join in the fun and have a vote.

It's all pretty simple, vote by clicking 'Like' for the song you prefer!

These are this years categories //

A) A cover song
B) A song from 2005+
C) A song from a band/artist not from the UK or North America (Go by the Wiki origin)
D) A track from the 1960's
E) Your personal favourite


1. Do not reveal your submitted songs! all selections will be revealed at the end.
2. If your song progresses it will get 4 points
3. The vote difference between each song will also be rewarded points (ie: if your song gets 10 votes and the opposition song gets 8 votes - you win 2 extra points)
4. At the end of each round every posters points (not songs) will be revealed in a league table format
5. The rounds will be as follows
- Round 1 = 80 tracks v 80 tracks
(each category will face each other this round)
- Round 2= 40 v 40
- Round 3- 20 v 20
- Round 4- 10 v 10 (Live Clips)
- Quater-Final- 5 v 5
(we then lose one of the last 5 tracks based on historic voting (total votes) - the least goes out) - Harsh i know but means all votes matter.
Semi Final

6. You can vote for your own nomination (or not!) you can abstain or 'like' both songs if you are undecided.
7. A minimum of 10 votes is required before we move on to the next fixture - there can be no draw so will await a final vote if its still tied.
8. will try my best to present each fixture daily
9. Your nominations can face each other - each draw is randomly selected by
10. No sulking, moaning and being a fanny - It's a bit of fun!
11. the highest points winner will receive a Morrissey Ceramic Mug

* One kind request, When i am uploading the fixture/video's please can you refrain from commenting until both songs are up, as there is a delay for me when submitting each video. Thanks.

Good luck!

R1/CA/M1 - Nick Cave (Cosmic Dancer) 7 v 24 Manfred Mann's Earth Band (Blinded By The Light)
M2 - Blackmore's Night (Journeyman) 6 v 28 Harry Nillson (Without You)
M3 - David Bowie (Sorrow) 28 v 8 Bronski Beat & Marc Almond (I Feel Love)
M4 - Oasis (Cum On Feel The Noise) 9 v 33 Gladys Knight & The Pips (Midnight Train To Georgia)
M5 - Wilson Pickett (Bring It On Home To Me) 21 v 18 Pet Shop Boys (Always On My Mind)
M6 - Sinead O'Conner (Nothing Compares 2 U) 30 V 8 Warren Zevon (Knockin' On Heavens Door)
M7 - Sonic Youth (Within You Without You) 13 v 16 Tiffany (I Think We're Alone Now)
M8 - Marvin Gaye (heard It Through The Grapevine) 38 - 0 Pentatonix (Sound Of Silence)
M9 - Nirvana (Man Who Sold The World) 18 - 22 Roxy Music (Jealous Guy)
M10 - Echo& The Bunneymen (People Are Strange) 14 - 28 Thin Lizzy (Whisky In The Jar)
M11 - White Stripes (Jolene) 13 - 8 Disturbed (Sound Of Silence)
M12 - The Bangles (Hazy Shade Of Winter) 24 - 19 The Stranglers (Walk On By)
M13 - Michael Jackson (Come Together) 3 - 33 Kirsty MacColl (A New England)
M14 - The Slits (Heard It Through The Grapevine) 6 - 26 Deep Purple (Hush)
M15 - Arctic Monkeys (Baby I'm Yours) 8 - 22 Everything But The Girl (I Don't Want To Talk About It
M16 Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (Let The Day Begin) 13 - 9 Judas Priest (Diamonds and Rust)

R2/CB/M17 - Nick Cave (Hold on to yourself) 14 - 13 Kings of Leon (Sex on Fire)
M18 - Wild Beasts (Taste Dancing on our Tongues) 8 - 7 Black Grape (Sex on the Beach)
M19 - Wussy (Airborne) 10 - 9 Suede (It Starts and Ends With You)
M20 - Green Day (Jesus of Suburbia) 11 - 7 Robyn (Dancing On My Own)
M21 - Doves (Prisoners) 17 - 3 Ryan Adams (Dear John)
M22 - The Prodigy (Omen) 12 - 8 Mary Wallopers (Cod Liver Oil & the Orange Juice)
M23 - Rammstein (Deutschland) 12 - 14 Tylers Childers (Whitehouse Road)
M24 - Gotye (Somebody I Used to Know) 14 - 15 Snow Patrol (Chasing Cars)
M25 - Fort Minor (Remember the Name) 6 - 11 James (Curse Curse)
M26 - Manchester Orchestra (I Know How to Speak) 9 - 13 Khruangbin & Leon Bridges (Texas Sun)

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