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9 Dec 2012
Who's watching Dubois Vs Joyce, and who have you got winning? I'm edging towards Dubois with the power, but Joyce's work rate is insane. I'm liking the younger guys in the HW division at the moment, Fabio Wardley was really impressive on saturday.


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14 Jun 2010
SebastianBlue: mccity is very, very often on point
The Dubois v Joyce fight feels a bit desperate to me from Warren. Maybe it's COVID related desperation. It's cool and whatnot to have two prospects face off earlier into their careers but I think this is one where the loser's going to suffer in the long run.

If Joyce loses it's going to slow down his route to the top, which given that he's 35 is the last thing he needs. If Dubois loses he loses his gloss. He's young enough to turn it around but given that he's a supposed KO machine a loss is never going to look good this early.

I'd assume this fight wouldn't have been made if they had any doubts over Dubois being able to win, so I'll favour him on this one. I imagine Joyce being rather stiff in movement might work against him.

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