The Conservative Party

Bit late, Dave, a bit late. And let’s not forget you helped enormously in this imminent destruction.

EXCLUSIVE:* David Cameron warns that Nigel Farage is intent on destroying Conservatives and says his ‘inflammatory language' and ‘dog whistle’ politics should be rejected.* The foreign secretary says there is no room in the Conservative Party for Farage's 'incredibly divisive' approach.* Asked about Farage's claim that Sunak ‘doesn't understand our culture’, Cameron says: ‘You don't have to watch sheepdog trials to hear a dog whistle.’* He warns a vote for Reform or any other party is a vote to make Britain less safe.’ @Times
Yet we've seen that he has no intention of calling out similar dog-whistle politics from within his own ranks. As usual, party over principle.
surely to fcuk, even this apathy-riddled cinder of a country divided like never before, conned like never before, with a future so dire like never before, with a parliament so discredited like never before, wont be swayed by a national insurance cut, pensioners dont even pay NI. It certainly wont make up for record rent and house prices, billions being made by the energy suppliers, shit-riddled water supplies rivers and beaches, and bonuses for the bosses of these privatised monopolies. The newspapers, once all-powerful, the provisional wing of the tory party, able to lie without a challenge, and the bbc, have seen their grip on the "floaters" that sway every GE, It wont stop them spinning and twisting for all their worth because it's worked many times before. The torygraph had more headlines attacking Rayner in one month than in 30 years of contaminated blood deaths. Same with the PO subpostmaster travesty, what they ignore is as powerful in effect as deliberate lies.

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