The Crown season 3

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    30 Dec 2012
    Who's watched it? Loved the the first 2 seasons and this one has been just as good. The casting is brilliant. I thought Olivia Coleman and Helena Bonham-Carter were lazy and obvious castings but they've both been amazing and Tobias Menzies has encapsulated everything (we think we know) about Prince Philip. Charles and his already tragic upbringing seem to be put under the spotlight in a poignant and thought provoking way and Anne it seems is the formidable fathers daughter she seemed to be.

    The Aberfan tragedy was a classic episode that captured the brilliance of the show and the shortcomings and triumphs of the Royal family offset against the feelings of the 'Common man'.

    At times it seemed like a game of thrones reunion particularly one episode that had 4 actors from the the show, but Charles Dance at first seemed liked a reincarnation of Tywin Lannister but soon became Lord Mountbatten.

    It was also a pleasant surprise to see the the sadistic guard from the Shawshank Redemption playing the role Lyndon B. Johnson.
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