The End of Football: World Without Water

roman totale

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18 Jul 2009
Cleveland, Americaland
Earlier this year I had the opportunity to hear in some detail about Xylem’s relationship with City. What was clear is that the club have been absolute class to work with and have frequently gone out of their way, behind the scenes, to support their cause.


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4 Nov 2007
Now it is all well and good lecturing people on how to save water etc but just how much water is sprayed on our pitch constantly all week and all the other grounds in the world.

Just smacks of hypocrisy really.

I don't disagree with the message btw just the manner it is delivered, the last time I watched something like that was before a Depeche Mode concert and in the corner of the video was the branding of some 100k watch firm, very galling tbh.

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