The Gambia Football Academy


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9 Aug 2009
I posted a while ago about meeting a bloke called Julius who coaches local kids in the Gambia. He loves City and they all play in City shirts as a kind of unofficial City football academy. They have to do a lot of work to find the money to help pay for shirts, cones, footballs and other items. Most of their shirts have come from City fans donations whilst out there.

I tried to contact the club and have spoken to some of the people behind the Sierra Leone project and they have said it is much more difficult contacting City direct and gaining their support for projects like this. With the Sierra Leone project Gary Cook was in support of it and they were able to talk things through with him. I have done literally nothing other than email various City accounts - their charity section replied requesting a registered charity number - but obviously that isn't the route I was going down. Similarly to Sierra Leone it was more about getting the resources to them first and helping out with shirts, footballs etc.

Anyway, I will keep trying to help out, but here is a picture of the U18s that Julius coaches. They are due to play in a youth tournament shortly. Notice the little lad in an Everton shirt! I don't think many people in the Gambia will have been in City shirts 10-15 years ago! Great place, great people and it's good to see them enjoying football and supporting City from afar.



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14 Jun 2013
I visited The Gambia 8 years ago. No City shirts to be seen then. A young lad claimed he was a fan, but I was sure that was because he liked my City cap! Anyway I left it with him! Great work mate keep it up. And I can confirm that the place is great and the people welcoming.

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