The idiocy (and selfishness) of panic buying

Alan Harper's Tash

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12 Dec 2010
Ah so there are other reasons and you can add to that the main reason, dick heads heard the bbc and other moronic news agencies say petrol stations were running out of fuel due to driver shortage. This made them panic and all queue up at a garage. Nothing at all to do with Brexit.
I am not stupid, I fully accept that brexit has caused issues but you lot (remainers) want to blame everything on it.
20,000 lorry drivers left the U.K. due to Brexit.
40,000 tests were postponed due to Covid.

Couple that with loads leaving due to the IR35 tax reform and you have the perfect storm of what has happened.

Therefore it is 33.3% exacerbated by Brexit.


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23 Sep 2019
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It's the pricks that join the back of the queue to the petrol station that then leaves them blocking 2 lanes of traffic.

I'll be going at 6am.

give it to gordon

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3 Nov 2013
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Bloody hell that took long to get home after work, guess it was all the extra car drivers going out to panic buy :(

Long ques at the garages its mad, back up onto the roads.

Just madness as soon as BP said last night about shortages you just knew what was going to happen. Why didnt BP just keep quiet ?

lefty goldblatt

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1 Jul 2012
I sometimes wish natural selection would hurry up and do it's thing. Nature should start getting a bit more select with it too...
It's just took me 40 minutes to do a 2 mile round trip to fill up with unleaded (my warning light came on this morning). First petrol station's management/staff didn't have the common sense to put up a sign saying "sorry, no unleaded", so I went to the next station, 400 yards on.
Hordes of thickoes who can't read signs saying "extra long hoses, fill up either side" , so 2 lanes of queues static, while I sail up to a load of empty pumps, complete with loads of dickheads staring at me.

When I get there, there's a family of foul mouthed chavs, abusing the (always helpful) lovely lady who works there.

As I said earlier. The public are THICK

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