The idiocy (and selfishness) of panic buying


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19 May 2012
It has
Back in around 2007 it was about 1.49 for a litre of diesel

I remember picking up an Insignia company car in 2009 and as usual it was on fumes. Went over their road to put petrol in and when I hit £120 I genuinely checked there wasn't a hole in the tank - then I saw it was - I think - about £1.52 per litre !

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17 Dec 2019
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Yeah, people fearful of not being able to get to work shell out what for some will be a fair share of their budget to ensure they can get their next month’s wage.

Is there anything that poorer people spend their money on that you are not critical of?
Al the cars I seen filling to the brim weren‘t your 2005 Fiesta, the majority were a few years old at most. Many working class can’t afford to drain the pumps, they pay as you go with their £20 to get through the week.

Just being stuck on the road while they queued up made me realise that me putting £15 in a couple of days ago, to last me the week, was a waste of time.

Just like the empty shelves when COVID hit, those with the money will not give a fuck about anybody but themselves.

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