The importance of the next 5 fixtures (how many points will we be behind)


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12 Sep 2009
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There’s a very high likelihood we will be in 5th position before Liverpool home game.
Brace ourselves for a media barrage and one hell of a fight this season.
We need to sort this slump out fast before we’re out of the title race.

City (18) next 5 fixtures are:
suspect we’ll have 24 points before dippers match
Brighton Home
United away
Bournemouth home
Chelsea away
Liverpool home

Liverpool (17) 29 points before our match
Everton home - Win
Forest home - Win
Luton away - Win
Brentford home - Win
City away

Spurs (20) 33 points
Fulham home - Win
Palace away - Win
Chelsea home - draw
Wolves away - Win
Villa home - Win

Arsenal (20) 30 points
Chelsea away - draw
Sheffield Utd - win
Newcastle away - loss
Burnley home - win
Brentford away - win

Aston Villa (16) 28 points
West Ham home - win
Luton home - win
Forest away - win
Fulham home - win
Spurs away - loss

All the evidence is that we can cope without one of Rodri or KdB but without both we've looked pedestrian and clueless, so once Rodri's back our performances will improve significantly, as was seen in Leipzig. We just have to hope he doesn't get injured before KdB returns.

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