The importance of the next 5 fixtures (how many points will we be behind)

You've got to much time on your hands fella if you can post that early on a Monday morning :-) relax the boys will come good.
Late shift today and woke up in a terrible mood after defeat yesterday and the terrible atrocities in Israel.
Far too early to be writing city off!

We are more than capable of beating all of the above.

Fuck the media hysteria as well.

3 leagues in a row and it’s barely acknowledged.

Treble sunk the cunts.

As far as I know, correct me if I’m wrong but the aim football is to you know erm to win things.

Only 1 club has been doing that consistently while the others have been floundering.

City is not above criticism when we get it wrong or when the team does not perform but if we are shite then everyone else is polishing a turd.

Bring on the next set of fixtures and watch us power through. After all it’s what we do. The problems we have are not chronic but merely a rethink needed. We have the players and the coach so just need to find better solutions in games.
Not sure why it isn't 6 games, considering we have Spurs after this run?

It's a huge opportunity to take points off every one of our main rivals within a few short weeks.

Yesterday wasn't a great match, but Arsenal didn't have a single good chance, and scored with a fluke. We had Rodri out, and in his place an 18 year old and a player who has been here for two months, so the fact that there were few chances, and we actually had the two best ones, is fine by me. Arguably we dealt with Arsenal better than we did in the fixture where we won 3-1 last year.

I don't think anyone in that run of games has looked particularly impressive this season. City haven't been at their best, even when we were winning, but objectively I think we are better than every one of those teams. We only have the Young Boys games in between, which hopefully shouldn't be too taxing, and I can see us winning 5 or 6 of them, which will be a huge fuck off statement to the PL.
Pep out

sack the board

Haaland is dog turd

Pep Out

Wright Out

Rodri Out

Get rid of them all.

Christ some overkill over a stuffy goal against a good team.

Basically we’ve played poorly but only went down to a couple of deflected goals. Quite unlucky really.

Rodri back.
Stones back.
I say a minimum of 9 from the 15.
9-13 probably.

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