The importance of the next 5 fixtures (how many points will we be behind)

lets beat Brighton first. will be a big tactical test again vs De Zerbi. last thing we need after back to back losses is a home draw or loss.
Exactly. Beat Brighton first. If we do manage to lose this game I would start to worry a bit. Not sure the last time we lost 3 league games in a row?
Yes you are correct and see what I am getting at
What's your point? Even if we are 5th so bloody what? In 2013/14 we lost 4 out of our first 12 games; in 2020/21 i believe we were 10th in late Oct. In 2018/19, we were 10 pts behind Liverpool around Dec 30.

Clear WUM thread.
I love it when my negativity is proven wrong

City (18) next 5 fixtures are:
suspect we’ll have 24 points before dippers match (actual 28) 1st position
Brighton Home
United away
Bournemouth home
Chelsea away
Liverpool home

Liverpool (17) 29 points before our match (actual 27) 2nd position
Everton home - Win
Forest home - Win
Luton away - Win
Brentford home - Win
City away

Spurs (20) 33 points (actual 26) 4th position
Fulham home - Win
Palace away - Win
Chelsea home - draw
Wolves away - Win
Villa home - Win

Arsenal (20) 30 points (actual 27) 3rd position
Chelsea away - draw
Sheffield Utd - win
Newcastle away - loss
Burnley home - win
Brentford away - win

Aston Villa (16) 28 points (actual 25) 5th position
West Ham home - win
Luton home - win
Forest away - win
Fulham home - win
Spurs away - loss
2 massive home league games coming up.
6 pts from these sets us up nicely for an away fixture at one of our happier hunting grounds, Villa Park.
Yeah these 3 games against top 5/6 sides before we flirt off to the World Club thingy will if we get results set us up nicely for the new year when the title defense gets serious.
So wasn’t that far wrong then except for Spurs going to shit!

Arsenal (20) 30 points (actual 30) 1st position

City (18) (actual 29) 2nd position

Liverpool (17) 29 points (actual 28) 3rd position

Aston Villa (16) 28 points (actual 28) 5th position

Spurs (20) 33 points (actual 26) 5th position


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