The Messi Mambo 2020


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9 Jan 2006
I'd say 70/30 he stays, we would be nuts to pay such for a 33 year old, Messi or not, unless sponsors cover it. I'd say to them what they said to us about Garcia. Accept our derisory offer now or we get him at the end of the season on a free.
I disagree as I don't believe their public position is tenable but we can't do anything now but wait and see.

Blue Maverick

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6 Aug 2010

Well worth a watch
Unbelievable that it could end this way, but if we can revitalise him with our young side, the next 3 years if he comes will be unreal, let’s hope we can get a full stadium soon because IF he comes it will be a crime if only a few City fans will get too watch him live.

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