The Michael Oliver Penalty Thread


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21 Jul 2007
Trent's arm was close to his body while the other guy's arm was extended and in an abnormal position, entirely different situations. Blame the refs and rules for Trent decision, but he got the one last night spot on.
No it wasn't. The Leeds one deflected off his leg too.


5 Jan 2020
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Manchester city
The taa one is going to annoy us as city fans, because they wouldn't even accept they were wrong. Now Gallagher saying thats a pen is annoying.

What is more annoying is how many times last season. When liverpool were struggling a team makes a soft foul for a pen in the last 5 mins.
Seems like it's back with the new season.

Also think if that was sterling people would say soft and went down to easy. But if it was sterling I would say pen so have no problem it being given.

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